Saturday 9 January 2016


Hello again everybody!
Sorry I've been away for a little bit, I've had loads of college work and revision to do which sucks:( But I'm back now and in this post I'm going to be sharing with you a few bits I've picked up from lush! 


The first bath bomb I ordered is Honey Bee, this is one of my all time favourite bath bombs Lush do! It's smells like a mixture of Honey and Caramel goodness, and leaves your skin smelling like this after too! (I'm not good at describing smells so don't laugh!) I love this bathbomb, however I don't like the colour it turns your bath water. It does make it look as if you've peed in the bath which isn't so nice! If they did she same scent but in a different colour it would be beyond perfect!! Other than that I'm glad I repurchased it! 

The next bathbomb I bought was another repurchase and it was their Frozen bathbomb! I love the film so anything Frozen related is a winner for me:') This particular bathbomb makes your bath water the most amazing glittery, turquoisey blue colour!! It leaves your skin feeling, smelling and looking amazing thanks to its sparkly contents! It contains Rose Oil and Neroli (there's no way I'm going to describe that smell apart from saying its lovely!!) I can't wait to use this and possibly repurchase it again!

The final bathbomb I purchased is Butter ball! This is surprisingly another repurchase! After not having used it for about a year I was really excited to try it again! It contains Cocoa butter pieces which means your skin is left amazingly smooth and soft and smelling amazing! It also, handily for me, contains an ingredient called Ylang Ylang which is used in aromatherapy to treat stree and depression and also relaxes the nervous system reliving anger, panic and fear! So this is definetly a bath bomb to use after a hard day!! 

Bubble bars
Those those of you who may not have known Bubble Bars are crumbled under hot, running water to create the most amazing bubbles and to release the oils inside! 

I placed an order for two bubble bars and the first one was Granny Takes a Dip! Again this was another repurchase and a product I was dying to try again!   I love, love, love the smell of this it has the most amazing scent of ginger, pepper and lemon! It makes amazing bubbles and tirns your water psychedelic! Excited to use this in my bath tonight! 

The second Bubble Bar I purchased was.... ONE I'D NEVER TRIED BEFORE:') It looked so cute on the website I just knew I had to try it! It's called Milky Bath it's filled with orange oil and... actual skimmed milk!! The top  is made of cocoa butter which is one of my favourite things ever because it leaves your skin feeling super soft! I'm beyond excited to try this!! 

Luxury Bath Melts! 
Those those of you who may not know, because I didn't before I bought one, place the bath melt into hot water and let it melt (duh!)

Purchasing this was a momentous occasion for me as I've never bought one before so I thought I would treat myself! I bought Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment! The main reason I bought this was because the Marhmellowy, bubblegum scent is one of my favourite Lush smells! I've heard that it leaves your bath water a beautiful dusky peach colour and I'm excited to use it and see what my skin is like after! If it's anything like I'm imagining it to be I'm sure it's going to be amazing! 

Shower gel! 
I've seen this mentioned for years in monthly favourites and lush hauls and never got round to buying it before it sold out:( Bit this year I did it! And I'm so glad I did! Snow fairy!! Everyone raves about it so I thought I would give it a go! It is my faveourite scent from lush, the same bubblegum, candyfloss scent as the bath melt! It even has little sparkles in it for that extra girly touch! I loveee this and I'm so glad I gave Ito the hype! It leaves your skin smelling incredible for hours! Love, love, love. 

That's it! That'll why I've purchased fom Lush recently, but keep your eyes peeled as there's bound to be another Lush haul on my blog because I'm obsessed!! 

Thanks for reading, see you soon! 
Molly xo 

Saturday 2 January 2016


Hello everyone! 

Short blog post today on this gloomy Saturday morning! Just in case any of you were remotely interested I'll be sharing with you my 4 favourite lip products!!! 


 Mac Lipstick in 'Velvet Teddy': 
I love this lipstick because although it is a matte finish it isn't at all drying on the lips! The lipstick glides on and is really easy to apply! When applied with the Spice lip liner it makes for the perfect Kylie Jenner lip for me! Although it doesn't have a plumper formula it does make your lips look bigger when its applied! It also lasts a very long time, even after eating and drinking it is still on my lips and that's without using a Lipliner underneath! This is my holy grail lipstick and I will definetly be repurchasing it!!! 

Mac Lipliner in 'Spice': 
This is the first Lipliner I have ever used and I was apprehensive, I thought it would be tricky to apply. However, this Lipliner is easy to apply and surprisingly for me very precise! I use this under my Velvert Teddy lipstick to help it last longer and it does an incredible job and it makes for the perfect combination as the two are so similar! I love it and I will be getting some more lip liners in the future for definite!

L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in 'Delicate Rose': 
I only got this lipstick for Christmas and I'm already in love, it's fast becoming a staple lip product and something that I'm wearing almost everyday!! It has a slightly brown undertone which I am absolutely loving at the minute and it looks beautiful! The lipsticks have a matte formula which is quickly becoming my favourite formula!! I love it and I want to purchase more of the L'Oreal Lipsticks!! 

Body Shop Born Lippy in 'Strawberry':
This probably looks random and out of place compared to the other products I have mentioned but this has been something I have been using since I was probably about 6 or 7 and I'm still using it to this day! I tend to get quite dry lips in the colder months so I use this all the time!! These lip balms smell AMAZING!! They are good value for money and moisturise your lips nicely! This one has a subtle red tint and it leaves the lips feeling amazingly soft! If you're looking for an amazing lip balm, head straight to the Body Shop!! 

Thank you for reading this post if you've got down this far without getting bored:') 
Let me know if there are any posts you'd like to see in the future:) 

Molly xo 

Sunday 27 December 2015


For anyone who likes to read this blog you might have noticed I've been away for a while but..... I'M BACK WITH A FRESH START! 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to brag or boast in anyway! I'm so, so, so grateful for all the amazing presented I received! 

What I got for Christmas 2015: 

The first thing I got given by my lovely parents is this I <3 Makeup triple baked blusher:) 

Off my best friend Beth I got a Mac lip liner in Spice and off my parents I got a Loreal Collection Exclusive lipstick in Delicate Rose and a Mac lipstick in Whirl! 

My mum and dad then very kindly got me a little gift set of Christmas Yankee Candles in: Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Garland, Cinamon Stick and Christmas Eve! In the background you can see another gift they got me which is Zoella's new book which I finished reading on Boxing Day and it's really, really good!

My Aunty and Cousins very kindly got me a set of Jack Wills body sprays which smell... AMAZING!! 

My amazing parents also very kindly got me some other Mac products which include my favoured foundation and a little tester and my mums boss was lovely enough to gift me a Mac mascara:) 

Anyone who knows me will know what a massive 1D and 5SOS fan I am so my parents were amazing and got me Made in the AM and How did we end up here? 

Thats a sneak peek into some of the things I revieved for Christmas! Thank you so much to whoever is reading this for taking the time to come onto my blog and hopefully you will be here to read my next one! 

Until next time, see you soon! 
Molly xo 

Sunday 23 August 2015

My beauty wishlist!

Hello everyone! 

Another slightly different blogpost for me, but today I thought I would share with you my "Beauty Wishlist". These are all products I really want, and am currently saving up to buy! Feel free to let my know what's on your Beauty Wishlist in the comments! 


1. "Nars Laguna Bronzer" 

I think this bronzer is such an iconic beauty item and I see it all over YouTube and Instagram everyday! I've wanted this product ever since I got into make up!

2. "Naked Smoky Palette" 

Next up on my "Beauty Wishlist" is the Naked Smoky palette! I have the Naked 3 palette, and when I saw this announced I immediately fell in love with it! I'm really starting to get into doing eyeshadow and I think this would be the perfect addition to my eyeshadow collection! 

3. "Anastasia Beverly Hills- Dipbrow Pomade" 

This is yet another product I have seen raved about on social media! I never used to fill in my eyebrows but since mine are quite light I've recently started. I feel like this could really help me to improve my eyebrows and its something I've wanted to purchase for a while! 

4. "Nars Illuminator- Copacabana"

This is again another product I've recently seen a lot of people purchasing and I saw Gabby (Velvetghost) rave about it in one of her videos! I think this product looks absolutely beautiful and its high up on my next purchases list! 

5. "Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush- Candy Glow" 

This product is absolutely beautiful and as you can probably already guess it's another product I've seen loads of people talk about! I think it looks absolutely beautiful and as I'm wanting to expand my blush collection I think this would be the perfect addition! 

6. "Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- Pink Quartz" 

I watched one of Tanys Burr's video a long while ago in which she used this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and it looked absolutely beautiful, it is quite an expensive product but it doesn't matter when it looks as beautiful as it does! I'm definetly saving up to get this! 

7. "Benefit- Hello Flawless foundation" 

I wanted to purchase this foundation since June last year when I had my prom make up done by Benefit. They used this foundation and I loved it! My make up stayed on all night and my skin looked so flawless, I haven't got round to purchasing this but when I'm looking to try a new foundation it will definetly be this one!! 

I hope you enjoyed this insight into what beauty products I'm looking to buy in the near future! I'll see you soon with a new blog post, thanks for taking the time to read this one! 

Molly xo 

Sunday 9 August 2015

I'm back & Updated Mac Collection!

Hello everyone, 

I'm back!! I've decided to start blogging again and this time I'm going to take no notice of the people making fun of it, I enjoy it and that's all that matters! For my first blog post back, I thought I would show you my updated Mac collection. There are a few of the products from my original collection plus a few new purchases! 

Enjoy xo 

The first two items in my Mac collection are my base products! I've repurchased the Pro Longwear foundation just because it is my favourite foundation ever! And I got the Pro Longwear concealer for my birthday to work along side it. I got both of these products in the shade NW15, which the lovely ladies at Mac told me was the perfect shade for my skin. These are both amazing products and make my skin look flawless! I'd recommend these to anyone!! 

Next I have a Mineralize Skinfinish in "Lightscapade". Let's all just take a minute and admire the beauty of this highlight! It is absolutely gorgeous like this but even more beautiful on the skin, is leaves a really natural shimmery highlight and looks especially lovely in the summer with a natural make up look. 

Next I have two blushes, the first in the shade "Posey" and the second in "Mocha". I'm so sorry for the way they look, I've just used them a lot as you can probably tell! Posey is a cremeblend blush, which I tend to use more in the autumn as it leaves a lovely deep pink colour on the cheeks which looks natural as if you'd just been on a walk on a crisp autumn afternoon:') 

Mocha is a powder blush which is my staple summer blush ( as well as my new Urban Decay Flushed pallete) I absolutely love this colour, it leaves a lovely pink blush which is perfect for a no makeup - makeup look! 

Altogether I have 5 Mac lipsticks, I have one in the shade "Sunny Seoul" which I've misplaced tidying my room:( Velvet Teddy is by far my favourite and after waiting months and months to get it I can 
tell you it was definitely worth the wait, it is absolutely gorgeous! My second favourite is probably Hot gossip, which is another beautiful shade. I'm not going to go into too much detail about each lipstick because I think this blogpost is already long enough! 

The last two products in my collection are both eye products! The first is a tester of the "False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara" which is absolutely amazing! I have small, pointy eyelashes which are the bane on my life but this mascara is incredible! It gives my eye lashes so much length and volume! 

The second product is an eyeshadow in the shade "Woodwinked" which I've heard so many people rave about and now I know why! It is gorgeous! I use it in my crease to create a kind of gold smoky eye look and it looks amazing! If you're ever stuck on what Mac eyeshadow to get, get Woodwinked!!  My lovely friend Beth got both of these products for my birthday! So thanks Beth!! 

Hope you liked seeing my Mac collection and hopefully someone out there is excited I've started my blog again! See you soon with a new blog post! 

Molly xo 

Monday 10 November 2014

My Mac collection!

Hello guys!

I thought I would write a post and give you a little Monday pick me up;) Recently I have gone a little Mac crazy and for those in the know Mac is the holy grail of make up and my collection has grown from 1 lipstick to 3, a foundation and a blusher (and hopefully more for christmas!) So I thought I would show you my collection and give you a little review aswell:)


So this is my Mac collection. I know compared to other people it might not look like a lot, but as it is an expensive brand obviously I can't afford to have every single Mac product! The blush is in Mocha, and the foundation is in NC15. The 3 lipsticks I have are Creme cup, Pink pearl pop and Hot Gossip.

I went into the Mac shop in Covent Garden and I asked the lady there to help me find a perfect foundation match for my skin. She was really helpful and told me the Mac Pro Longwear foundation was amazing so I got it in the shade NC15. This shade is perfect for my skin and blends into my skin so easily.  It was £24 which is very pricey so I'm going to use as little as I can as I don't want to waste any. I was looking for a long lasting foundation that could stay out all day. I find that this is a very matte foundation and so gives a very flawless finish to the skin which is very helpful to cover blemishes and breakouts. The texture is smooth and quite light so it doesn't feel cakey on your skin. I love, love, love this foundation and would totally recommend it. 

I got a Mac blusher in Mocha. It's creates a beautiful flush to the cheeks and looks so natural. This is my everyday, go- to blush. It's perfect! Mac describe it as a soft plum pink, it's a perfect blush for autumn as it's not too bright and out there. I adore the packaging that Mac use for their blushes, I think it's so sleek and sophisticated, and very travel friendly and it's not easily broken. This blush is very easily blendable and is buildable. It's a matte shade which means it has no shimmer in it. This blusher has amazing staying power and lasts such a long time!
These are my favourite Mac products, I have to say Mac do the best lipsticks ever!! I have them in Creme Cup, Hot gossip and Pink Pearl Pop.

                     Pink pearl pop- £15
  On the website this lipstick is described as a frosted mid- tonal pink. It's a lovely girly pink and is the perfect summer lipstick. I have been wearing it with Creme cup over the top which tones down the pink and makes it a more suitable autumn shade. It has a gorgeous shiny balm like finish, it is also a Cremesheen lipstick. This means it's really moisturising and comfortable on the lips. The lipstick is also amazing at helping to brighten the skin tone. 
  Hot Gossip- £15
Hot gossip has a Cremesheen finish, it's a pinky plum colour with a soft glossy sheen. The texture is very smooth and isn't overly creamy! The lipstick has a medium pigmentation but you might not get a full opaque coverage. This lipstick goes with everyday make up look and is very natural looking. I love this lipstick and wear it everyday!

(I'm so sorry I don't have an individual photo of Creme cup ) 

Creme cup- £15
 This again is a Cremesheen lipstick (if you can't already tell, it's my favourite finish.) It's a very natural, light pink colour  with a blue undertone. It's has medium pigmentation and doesn't build too well. The lipstick goes best with peach blushes and dark eyes, I tend to wear it with a dark brown/ dusky eye in autumn. It does however unfortunately tend to settle into the fine lines in the lips so using a lip pencil underneath would work to make you're lips look more flawless. 
I'm sorry about the bad pictures and no swatches but until I get my camera this is the best I could do. 

I hope that this post has helped anyone who's looking to start or add to their Mac collection. 

Love Molly xo

Wednesday 5 November 2014


Finally, the day has come when I plucked up the courage to set up a blog! I hope that someone is going to read it and hopefully enjoy it?

I thought before we get started I should tell you a little about myself and what I hope to get out of this blog. Well, my name is Molly and I'm 16 years old. My birthday is the 26th of July 1998. I live in a small village in North Yorkshire and I LOVE it. I live with my mum, dad and my younger sister. I have 2 terriers called Jess and Arnie. I am OBSESSED with anything beauty/ fashion related and I'm addicted to YouTube and Instagram (you can follow me if you want, @moll.xo).

My fave make up brands are Mac, Benefit, Maybelline, L'Oreal and Bourjois. I have an addiction also to Lush bathbombs, who doesn't love them;). My favourite Youtubers are Zoella (obviously,duh) Tanya Burr, Lucy and Lydia, Gabby basically all the "British Youtubers" and I also love Pewdiepie.

 I love, love, love One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and I am also in love with Evan Peters from American Horror Story, which is my favourite TV program in the whole wide world.I also love to watch Made in Chelsea, Dance Moms and I'm a celebrity get me out of here! My favourite films are Dirty Dancing, The Fault in our Stars, all The Hunger games films, One Direction This is Us and Divergent.

I'm currently studying 4 A- levels at sixth form; Media Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies and English Lit.

My blog is going to consist of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. For example there could be monthly favourites, OOTD'S (outfit of the day's, for those who don't speak blogger) and days out. For now I will be using my instagram photos on this blog, but for Christmas I'm hopefully going to be getting a camera so expect some better photos coming in the near furture;)


Love Molly xo